Welcome to the Floral Reflectance Database. To enter the database, please read and agree to the Terms of Use.

The Floral Reflectance Database

Welcome to the Floral Reflectance Database.

Please note: This is the current stable release of this site. A new version of the Floral Reflectance Database is under construction and is in the testing phase. The new version of the database can be accessed here. Please be aware that there may be unresolved issues in the code of the new version at this stage.

Before entering the site, we ask you to agree to the terms of use. This is simply intended to ensure that your use of the database is fair.

  Terms of use:

  1. Access

    The database contains published data in an open-access, searchable form, which all site visitors may access and use. As we acquire and publish more spectral reflectance measurements, they will be added to the database. Please e-mail the database administrator if you have queries.

  2. Citations

    If you use data from the Floral Reflectance Database in a published work, you agree to cite the database as your source. The database should be cited as follows:

    Arnold, S.E.J., Savolainen, V. and Chittka, L. (2008) FReD: The floral reflectance spectra database. Nature Precedings

    This publication is available from Nature Precedings.

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