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Welcome to FReD

Welcome to the Floral Reflectance Database. By using this website you agree to comply with the terms of use outlined here.

The aim of the Floral Reflectance Database is for researchers from around the world to be able to submit and download data on floral colour and reflectance. This site allows comprehensive searches, allowing researchers and interested parties access to a wide variety of colour information for many plant species.

After submitting a search using the Keyword Search above, data will be returned from the fields which may be most useful. This includes genus, species, information on the specimen location and reflectance data (usually wavelengths between 300 and 700nm). Each entry also has a unique identifier which allows samples to be retraced in later searches.

To limit the amount of information returned, to specify which fields to be returned or to search using one or more specific criteria please use the advanced search form. Entering more data into the fields will restrict your search. Build a search by entering key fields and then refining the search if too many records are returned. If no records are returned ensure that the fields have been entered correctly.

If you have any queries about the database, please look at the FAQ page and help page or contact the database administration.